Ghada Abuhakmeh: 

My name is Ghada Abuhakmeh and I have an addiction to health and beauty


When it comes to heatlh and beauty products, I am always on the hunt to find the newest breakthroughs in skin care, supplements and technologies.

Sharing is caring and that is how I run both my life and business. 

I genuinely adore meeting new people and value the relationships I have built with my clients.

I can proudly say that I am almost always on call to answer emails, texts, facbook and LinkedIn messages. 

I have also attended holiday parties, bar mitzvahs, weddings and any other event that my clients may find special and meaningful.  

I truly appreciate all the support and business and look forward to building more new beautiful relationships.

Warm Regards,

Ghada Abuhakmeh


College: Most Dedicated member & #1 Sweetheart Award (College Radio)

Schoeneman's Corp: #1 Sales person nationwide

Family: 3rd favorite child (out of 4) 


My experience: 

I have worked as a Salon Coordinator during my college years, and then experienced other positions in skin care companies such as Executive Assistant, Marketing Manager and Account Representative for high end skin care products. 

I have also been so fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel not only across the nation, but also worldwide, and networked with some of the beauty industry’s well-known experts.

Smallworld Beauty LLC